Grand Place

Fuji Fortune Sake Cups

Japan's Mount Fuji, a recognised UNESCO World Heritage site, has been perceived as a sacred place since ancient times. The mountain is still admired for its majestic form with its iconic silhouette being the source of artistic inspiration.

The Dynasty Club is proud to offer our Members a chance to purchase a collection of four Fuji Fortune Sake Cups. The cups are superbly crafted using traditional techniques and, when inverted, show Mount Fuji in each of the four seasons depicted in coloured glass and fine gold foil. Perfect as a gift or for your own enjoyment, the collection consists of four cups showing the beautiful scenery of spring, summer, autumn and winter as follows:

Pink – Spring with a profusion of gently falling cherry blossoms
Blue – Summer with the sea merging with the blue sky into one
Red – Autumn with extensive seasonal leaves and foliage
White – Winter with snowflakes blowing in the wind